Managing a Remote Workforce

In today's evolving work landscape, organizations are facing the challenge of effectively configuring and managing technology to support their remote workforce. Many struggle to identify the right tools and solutions for efficient and secure communication and collaboration. Even those who understand the requirements may lack the expertise to set up the infrastructure and establish ongoing license management processes, making it difficult to onboard and offboard employees seamlessly.
Solutions to Adapt and Scale a Remote Workforce
As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Architect Now is well-equipped to assist organizations of any size in finding the right solutions to meet their remote workforce requirements. Our expertise includes:
Configuring and managing Office 365 licenses
to enable secure email communication from anywhere, on any device.
Implementing and managing cloud-based file storage
using technologies like OneDrive and SharePoint, ensuring seamless access to files and collaboration across remote teams.
Facilitating streamlined communication and collaboration
through Microsoft Teams, providing a centralized platform for remote workforce engagement.
Enabling remote management and security
of physical devices such as iPhones, laptops, or tablets, ensuring data protection and device integrity.
Efficiently managing a remote workforce and enabling secure collaboration from anywhere in the world using any device has become a crucial trend across industries. ArchitectNow understands the complexities involved and can streamline the process, helping organizations optimize their remote work environments.

Case Studies


100 Neediest Cases Platform for United Way of Greater St. Louis

The entire program within United Way was managed on a software system from 2004, and not only was it hitting the end of shelf life due to its age, but there were many pain points for the volunteers and employees. Many parts of the system were not serving their current needs, and the team was worried that it would suddenly require retirement mid-campaign without a suitable replacement.


ASPEN Behavioral Health Platform (Jefferson County Health Network)

The Jefferson County Health Department (JCHD) approached ArchitectNow with a petite grant they acquired after a several-year battle advocating to build a software platform that would help fill gaps in their community’s ecosystem. The stakeholders identified that many vulnerable demographics (such as schools, first responders, and veterans) lacked proper resources or a way to find them.