From Dream to Delivery

Development Process Consulting

development_process_consulting11Spending 4 hours to sharpen your axe may not feel sexy, but if it leads to only needing one third of the labor required then you can use that free time for your long walks on the beach.  The ‘How’ in performing your craft matters a whole lot.  Every team has room for improvement, and has tasks which can be minimized, automated, or eliminated.  Even a 10% decrease in development headaches can mean very real gains, gains which compound based on your new momentum.

We’ve coached clients on using new tools to their fullest, on shifting future development to be more modular with an API centric design, as well as helped determine the best way to launch into a new project.  Planning is the key to smooth sailing.  Clarity of a problem, however, is the key to planning.  From workflow to deployment, we have strategies you can benefit from to hedge against rough waters.