We design and build great software applications. But, as you may know, things are never quite that simple. Different situations call for different strategies and tactics, or in our world, development languages and frameworks. We can talk technology until we’re blue in the face, but, at the end of the day, all that matters is that we can help you deliver great solutions that your users love and that achieve your business goals.

ArchitectNow Helps with New Products

Web Application Development

To satisfy your current needs and maintain flexibility for your future we use the latest technologies and architectures so you can add on modularly if or when the time comes. We can handle everything from the design of a rich user experience to the implementation of a scalable database to leveraging the capabilities of the cloud.
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Mobile Application Development

If building an outstanding mobile app is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We develop mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platform in one fell swoop, using the same strategy and principles behind our web applications. Security, transaction handling, and data availability at scale, among others, are all elements which require real expertise.
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ArchitectNow helps with Technology Guidance

Technology Migrations

Just like a total renovation can transform a house into an entirely new experience, upgrading your existing web or mobile applications will not only offer the chance for your users to genuinely enjoy your products, but any developers working on your applications in the future will love you for it. The hidden cost of technical debt is very risky to let accumulate.
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Development Process Consulting

We’ve coached clients on using new tools to their fullest, on shifting future development to be more modular with an API centric design, as well as helped determine the best way to launch into a new project. From workflow to deployment, we have strategies you can benefit from to hedge against rough waters.
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ArchitectNow helps with Team Support


We love training. We love it so much that we’ve evolved the concept of training into several formats. Sometimes training with us feels more like a social call. IDE’s, chicken wings, and beer, what could go wrong? Yet other times training is very methodical and planned out to bring developers up to speed on a very specific goal.
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At ArchitectNow we are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to deliver great solutions using a number of technologies and platforms. Here are some of them we are currently leveraging to great effect.


Getting Started

Step 1: Get in touch – Simply reach out via phone or email and we’ll find a convenient time to discuss what plans or questions you may have. This part is FREE.

Step 2: Initial Discussion – This is actually fun. It gives us a chance to introduce ourselves and to hear a bit about your idea or what your needs are. We can tell you’re excited and want to do some blue sky thinking together. If we need more than one meeting to get the full picture, no problem. If you’d like us to sign an NDA prior to these discussions, we are more than happy to do so. If we discover there is an existing tool or platform which would serve you better, we will absolutely bring it up in our discussion. You get at least more clarity into what your project entails, and at worst pointed to a solution that suites your needs, Win-Win. This part is all FREE.

Step 3: Proposal – If, after the introductory discussions, we feel we are great fit to partner with you on project, we will put a formal proposal together detailing exactly how we can do so. There is usually a lot of back and forth between our team and you with regards to clarifying requirements and getting specific questions answered. The proposal will contain our recommendations on how you can build your app, achieve your technology goals, what platforms/technologies we’d recommend, and an estimate of how much time and money it may require to build your solution. It is not uncommon where we break a project into phases, which gives you a base solution to start using yet still plan on more features down the road however it suits your plans. Win-Win. This part is all FREE.

Step 4: Project Kickoff – Should you like our proposal and think we are a great fit as your technology partner we will dive in and get started. We have some paperwork we get in place and then we are off to the races. You will be involved in the design and development process every step of the way, with regular update meetings as needed.

  • Over the past several years I have worked with Kevin and his team on four projects, each utilizing a different technology. On all projects I have been impressed not only by the technical and personal skills of the consultants, but with their flexibility in working with my schedule.

  • Clearly Inventory has worked with ArchitectNow for over 5 years and they have been instrumental in helping us conceptualize and build our inventory software-as-a-service products. When we work with them, they become part of our team, and we don't waste a lot of time communicating through layers of management. This, in combination with their depth of experience and expertise, truly makes ArchitectNow a force multiplier.

  • The ArchitectNow team was instrumental in helping us with a successful launch of our Frienedy social media site and iOS application.   They worked closely with us through every step of the development process and helped bring the vision of our product to the reality.

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