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DevUp 2016 – Recap & Resources

The ArchitectNow team had another great year participating in this year’s DevUp Conference here in St. Louis (formerly St. Louis Days of .NET).   There was a great turnout and it always feels like a family reunion where we get to catch up with old...
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UPCOMING CLASS: Jumpstart to a Modern Web Stack

Over the course of a full day (9 hours) we will bring you up to speed on a modern web stack which scales AND that you’ll actually enjoy using.  We will provide students with an intensive, hands-on introduction to a modern web development stack utilizing...
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Web Development Services

Wanting to add features to an existing web application?  Needing a site built from scratch?  No matter.  We work to find the best solution for you and always begin with the end in mind.  What do you need to achieve now?  What could you potentially...
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Mobile Application Development

Location, Location, Location.  Sometimes you need to go where the people are.  We’ve all heard stories about wildly successful apps which were created in a basement somewhere by a child prodigy.  These stories are great unless you don’t want...
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Technology Migrations

There is a special kind of crazy which applies to developers who get excited about migrating older, legacy applications to newer, more supportable platforms.  Some of us wear that badge proudly.  Just like a total renovation can transform a house into...
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Development Process Consulting

Spending 4 hours to sharpen your axe may not feel sexy, but if it leads to only needing one third of the labor required then you can use that free time for your long walks on the beach.  The ‘How’ in performing your craft matters a whole...
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Development training is can be a messy subject.  Everyone has an opinion.  The success of future development via training hinges on the implementation of that training.  When it’s time to add new skills or tools to your team’s arsenal, you...
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Getting Started

We strive for you to have your cake and eat it too while working with us.  Here is a quick overview of how it works: Get in touch – Simply reach out via phone or email and we’ll find a convenient time to discuss what plans or questions you may have....
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Angular 2 & Redux: Exploring App Management with STL AngularJS MeetUp

This night is upon us. We are about to begin our talk on managing data and state in rich Javascript apps using Angular 2 & Redux. STL AngularJS MeetUp was gracious enough to invite our fearless leader, Kevin Grossnicklaus, to take the group on a guided...
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