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Looking Back – ArchitectNow Celebrates 5 Great Years In Business!

In a conversation a while back, a friend was asking about ArchitectNow and how long we had been in business.  As I responded that it had been a bit over 5 years, I couldn’t believe that the 5-year milestone just came and went in the middle of everyday business activities. Where on earth did the time go?! I distinctly remember the first and second years passing and feeling a wave of relief and a sense of accomplishment to have weathered the proverbial storm (although luckily, it wasn’t all that rough!). I guess as time went on and the company grew, it was temporarily forgotten!

Five years ago in late 2009, I was coming off a 10-year stint at the same company where I was lucky enough to handle all the aspects of a custom software development division. As they were moving out of that side of their business, I had to ask myself, “What’s next in my career?” It was a bit intimidating because in 2009, the economy in the US was not exactly booming, and when I thought about starting a company, most (well, okay, all) of my peers immediately gave me raised eyebrows and wide eyes. Fortunately the last five years have been quite successful!

As with many new beginnings, ArchitectNow got its start somewhat quietly and for the first year I was mostly developing software at my kitchen table and spending a lot amount of time onsite with my clients. After a year or hard work, ArchitectNow grew enough to hiring its first employees – by late 2010, that kitchen table sat 3 employees! The company quickly outgrew the kitchen altogether and today ArchitectNow now has 7 employees. While we’re not huge by any means, we’re experts at what we do and devote ourselves to delivering great software products for our customers. That’s something you won’t find in bigger companies!

So now, as I slow down to look back at the past 5 years, I can’t tell you how proud I am of what we have built. Like many others, we have had moments of smooth sailing and the occasional moment of rough waters. All in all, it would definitely have not been possible without such a great team of employees, all the great customers who have trusted ArchitectNow as their technology partner, and all the trusted advisers we have leaned on for things like accounting, payroll, legal, insurance, marketing, retirement, and more. There are a lot of moving parts for companies of any size, and ArchitectNow has been no different.

As we start the next 5 years, we are refocusing on that entrepreneurial spirit. Finding and helping great startups launch cutting-edge products is something we have always been passionate about, and we can’t wait to do more! We have also begun to focus on launching our own products and becoming more involved in the whole startup eco-system.

My personal goal in the coming months and years is to refocus on that spirit of helping others and to start sharing more information on the things we have found useful, the tools we have had success with, the ideas we find fascinating, and the products we have helped launched.  Too often we have found ourselves focused too heavily on the task at hand that we forget to look up and share a little bit about the things that we find help us as individuals and as a company. Our business gives us the opportunity to utilize a wide variety of tools and processes, and the lessons we learn from those opportunities is something our customers have always found valuable. So plan on hearing a bit more from us as we work to share more!

Here’s to another year for a not-so-young-company! A big thank you goes out to the great employees, customers, and partners we’ve leaned on since our day’s sitting around a kitchen table. I know we couldn’t have done it without you!


  1. Rob Horton

    Congratulations on the five year mark Kevin! It’s a great a accomplishment and everyone that i have meet in your company have been just top-shelf-folks. Here is wishing you all the best in the years to come!

  2. John Maglione

    Congratulations to a great group of people! I hope the growth and success keeps on moving forward for all of you.