Team 404

Two Females in Tech

National Award for Product Innovation

Future Needs Mindset

Complex Problem Solving

Meet Team 404

Team Four is comprised of 6 members (including a Product Owner, a Technical Lead, and 4 developers) and focuses on greenfield projects, legacy system rewrites, and mobile development. Our team has worked together for two years, which has allowed us to establish a strong foundation, complementing each other’s strengths to form a solid unit. We excel at simplifying complex workflows, crafting enjoyable user experiences with modern interfaces, and pride ourselves on our agility, as we seamlessly adapt to new projects/technologies quickly while still producing high-quality code.

What We Want Clients to Know

On our team, we genuinely care about our clients’ success and take pride in bringing their vision to life. We’re a tight-knit team dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. We invest time and thought into your solution, considering its future growth and cost-effectiveness. Our approach goes beyond the present, aiming to build systems that can evolve and scale with your needs for years to come.


  • Government Consulting
  • Military
  • Music Industry
  • Robotics
  • Translation
  • Intelligence Gathering Systems
  • Digital Entertainment
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Finance
  • Industrial Systems
  • Private/Public Sector
  • Business Development and Strategy
  • Contact Management

Personal Fun Facts

  • Avid Dog Lover
  • ESPN Featured
  • Classical Pianist/Karate World Champion
  • Spending Time in Nature
  • Digital Detoxing
  • Sports Fan (Go Eagles!)
  • Hiking
  • Cooking