From Dream to Delivery


ArchitectNow helps with Team SupportDevelopment training is can be a messy subject.  Everyone has an opinion.  The success of future development via training hinges on the implementation of that training.  When it’s time to add new skills or tools to your team’s arsenal, you must include your team in the conversation while still moving in a positive direction and keeping that conversation productive.

We love training.  We love it so much that we’ve evolved the concept of training into several formats.  Sometimes training with us feels more like a social call.  IDE’s, chicken wings, and beer, what could go wrong?  Yet other times training is very methodical and planned out to bring developers up to speed on a very specific goal.

Many developers crave the process of learning for on their own, and that is a wonderful thing.  We do it too, luckily there will never be a shortage of skills and strategies for developers to learn.  However, there is a time and a place for self-directed learning.  When you need the whole team to rise to a new technical level, together, it’s time to reach out to experts in training.