From Dream to Delivery


Six0RunArchitectNow is proud to announce the launch of our new athletic recruiting network software Six0Run ( The Six0Run athletic network provides a robust platform to streamline the communication between collegiate athletic coaches, high school coaches, and high school or junior college athletes.

Having been developed over the course of the last 4 years, Six0Run helps streamline two of the most critical aspects of the collegiate athletic recruiting process: Information and Relationships. Regardless of the sport, a college coach’s success is heavily tied to their ability to identify and attract talented athletes into their program. Those who do this successfully focus on gathering the most information they can on a wide variety of athletes and using that information to build relationships with a key subset of those athletes.   Throughout every level of collegiate competition and every sport for both men and women, the most successful programs are those that have the most information on the most recruits and who best utilize that information to foster great relationships during the recruiting process. With the Six0Run network we are working to provide a valuable tool for both coaches and recruits to make the process easier.

ArchitectNow’s George Evjen spent 12 years coaching college basketball. His experience and the issues he faced during this time form the nucleus of the Six0Run platform.

“As a coach you may be in your season for four to six months, but the recruiting season is twelve months and just as competitive,” he said. “There are no off days when it comes to gathering information on prospects, reaching out to high school and junior college coaches or being on the road watching players so you can make sure they know how much you value them. Coaches know if they are not working to gather information and build relationships that someone else is, and they will be behind in the recruiting game. We felt that we could offer a technical solution for both coaches and players that would help them get farther down the road in finding players and in finding a suitable college to attend. We have built an application that helps collect and distribute information that both coaches and players can use to help with the recruiting process.”

Utilizing the Six0Run network both the athletes and their high school coaches can provide timely information to college coaches on things such as their contact information, schedules of their games and camps, images and videos of their performances, and relevant social media and news items. Athletes can also connect and communicate easily with coaches in the programs they are most interested in joining. High school coaches can utilize the Six0Run platform to promote players on their teams whom they feel have the potential to contribute to a collegiate program. Both athletes and high school coaches can build and maintain their own “profile” of information they wish to share with colleges to make themselves or their team stand out.

Collegiate coaches can work as a staff to utilize the Six0Run tool to manage their own database of potential recruits, to track all communication between their staff and those recruits, to connect and communicate with their high priority recruits, and to be notified of upcoming events other relevant updates to the athlete’s profile. Having this data available and tracked for all coaches within a program from anywhere and from any device is a key step toward a successful recruiting process. In addition to tracking information easily on recruits they already know about, coaches can find new potential recruits by searching the entire Six0Run recruiting network for athletes that meet a specific criteria.

ArchitectNow is excited for the launch of the Six0Run network and for the opportunity to work with a wide variety of college programs in optimizing their recruiting process and becoming more successful at what they do. Check out their site now at