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On Travel and Technology, Part 4 of 4

On Staying in Touch Another key factor in the success of any vacation is the ability to communicate with family and friends easily. In the past we have struggled to use our phones or other devices in foreign countries, but within the last few years, that...
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On Travel and Technology, Part 3 of 4

On Organization As you complete the process of identifying a destination, procuring a rental car or airline tickets as cheaply as possible, and then finding the perfect lodging, you begin to gather a lot of critical travel information (usually in your...
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On Travel and Technology, Part 2 of 4

On Staying There Once we know when our flights are (and we usually can’t commit to any lodging until our airline tickets have been bought and confirmed), we start to fill in the blanks and find where we will stay. As a family of five we have different...
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On Travel and Technology, Part 1 of 4

My family and I have just returned from a long-planned trip to France and Italy. As many of you may know, we do travel quite a bit, and over the years, we have become fairly efficient with the use of technology to help streamline our planning and execution...
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