From Dream to Delivery

Building Powerful Web Applications

A handy resource guide which outlines a number of good resources you can use when building a powerful web application, built with today’s modern web architecture.

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  1. Rob Horton

    Thanks for this guide – very nice work. I’ve been to several of your presentations and we met at STLDODN this past year. Always enjoy talking to you or any of the folks there and have always been impressed with your professionalism and friendliness for everybody who reaches out to you.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Theron Kousek

    Hello Kevin. What Rob said 🙂 You / your company carry yourselves in a very professional/courteous manner and you’ve definitely earned the respect you deserve by those who have come in contact with you thru projects, IT events, etc…

    thanks for all you have done with the Day of .NET / presentations / mentoring / blogs / etc…