From Dream to Delivery

Congratulations to ThisLife

In early January following a very successful lauch in Summer 2012, ArchitectNow start-up client, ThisLife, sold their start-up software company to social media and digital photography giant Shutterfly. We were proud to serve as the Windows development partner for ThisLife over the past 18 months, and we very much look forward to our ongoing partnership with Shutterfly to bring a quality media experience to users on their Windows desktops, laptops, and devices.

Conceptually, ThisLife presents a whole new way of looking at your personal photo and video collection. Rather than focusing on ideas like "albums" and "devices," ThisLife presents a system where users can get all of their media into one place and then organize it into an intuitive timeline. It tells a story. Their service provides a powerful visual search engine, allowing users to find any "Moment" in the timeline by person, place, or activity in mere seconds.

For our part, ArchitectNow helped to bring ThisLife to the Windows desktop and laptop environment. We built for them a clean, fast, and modern desktop uploader application. The app syncs with users’ Windows libraries, pulls media from mobile devices, and provides the necessary controls to allow users to manage all of their media and efficiently get it up to ThisLife’s cloud offering. On launch, ThisLife received universal praise of their service, including from such news outlets as the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and TechCrunch.

Click here to read the press release announcing ThisLife’s acquisition by Shutterfly.